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Can I disinherit someone peacefully?

Creating a will is intensely personal. You want it to reflect your values and wishes, and you likely want to protect those you love. However, there could be some very difficult decisions you must make to achieve these goals. For instance, what if you want to disinherit someone?

Disinheriting someone can present some challenges for the testator (the person creating a will), the disinherited party and others who may be affected by any challenges that arise because of this decision. As such, it can be wise to consider a few ways to minimize conflict stemming from disinheritance.

8 behaviors that can turn a collaborative divorce contentious

Choosing the collaborative approach to your divorce can help you seek a faster, more cost-effective legal process to end your marriage. People also typically find that by collaborating on the various divorce-related matters, they can remain more amicable and avoid court.

That said, there are some mistakes people make during a collaborative divorce in Wisconsin. Such missteps can jeopardize these and other outcomes.

Can we parent peacefully after a difficult divorce?

The divorce process can be very difficult. However, it will end and when it does, you will be in a position to start a new chapter. If you hope to make this chapter more peaceful than the last, you should know that there are steps you can take to make this happen.

This is especially important if you are a parent who wants to peacefully raise your children with your ex. Below are some suggestions for how you can set the stage to parent peacefully after a difficult divorce.

3 basic elements of property division you should understand

If you are getting divorced, dividing your property can a daunting and contentious aspect of the process. This is especially true if parties have no understanding of property laws or have misconceptions about how the process works.  As such, it can be valuable to understand some basic information regarding how the process works in Wisconsin and what you can expect.

What are the benefits of a revocable trust?

Creating an estate plan can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many different documents, and it is hard to know which options are the right ones for you and your family. You probably have heard of a revocable trust, but you may be unclear on what exactly it does and whether it is the right choice for you. Below are five benefits of using a revocable trust.

Which factors determine spousal support in Wisconsin?

During a divorce, when someone requests alimony -- otherwise known as spousal support or spousal maintenance in Wisconsin -- the court will consider numerous factors before making a decision. These factors affect whether they will award it, how much is reasonable and for how long the payments will continue.

In these situations, there can be a lot on the line. Therefore, knowing what the factors are can help you prepare accordingly.

Outside parties who can play a role in a collaborative divorce

The two people most affected by a divorce are the divorcing spouses. As such, they are the people who should be most involved in finding agreeable resolutions. However, there are other parties who can play a role in a divorce, particularly when it comes to a collaborative divorce.

By definition, collaborative divorces involve people working together to find resolutions. And sometimes, these resolutions are best identified when neutral outside professionals participate. Therefore, you might expect to have the following parties contribute:

Maintaining some stability when custody and placement change

When parents divorce or separate, children can experience a great deal of change. Depending on their ages and the circumstances under which parents are splitting up, this change can be frightening and destabilizing.

As parents, you play the primary role in helping your children through this difficult transition. And this can involve prioritizing solutions that minimize disruption to your children's lives, including those we mention below.

How does legal separation work in Wisconsin?

Ending a marriage is not an easy decision for a lot of people. In some cases, one or both parties can be unsure about whether they can or should end it in the first place. Under these circumstances, it may be wise to consider legal separation.

People opt for a legal separation for many reasons, from wanting to stay on a spouse's health care plan to holding out hope for reconciliation. It can be an option for people wanting to separate from a spouse without divorcing.

Determining if a collaborative divorce is right for you

Ending a marriage can be a very difficult and painful process. However, there are ways to make it a little easier and a little less contentious.

One option is a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce tackles the same issues as any other divorce, but it does so through a specific approach that can make the process more respectful, faster and a little easier. Below are some tips to help you determine if a collaborative divorce could be a good fit for your situation.

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