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December 2018 Archives

Going through divorce with debt

Wisconsin is one of a few states that considers property – and debts – accrued during marriage as community property. This means that during a divorce, community property and debt is evenly distributed.

What it takes to modify a Wisconsin custody order or parenting plan

Divorce is among the biggest life changes that many people will experience. However, changes continue to occur after divorce. Some may be significant enough to require modifications to existing orders regarding child custody or an existing parenting plan.

Talking to your adult children about estate plans

Discussing estate plans or end-of-life wishes can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. But there are unfortunate consequences of not having these conversations with loved ones, so it is wise to talk about estate planning with them - especially your adult children.

3 steps you must take after creating an estate plan

If you have a will and other estate planning documents in place, you have taken a major step toward protecting your wishes, your assets and your loved ones in the event that you get sick or pass away. Having these documents in place can be incredibly valuable when it comes to making some difficult decisions.

Reasons to `Renovate' Your Will

You are more proactive than many if you already have a will drawn up with the help of an experienced attorney, but just like a home may need renovation to meet the needs of its inhabitants better, some life occurrences may necessitate the remodeling of your will. Let's look at some of the situations that could warrant an update of your will.

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