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Business Succession Planning Is An Important Part of Estate Planning

Business owners have countless obligations and responsibilities to which they must attend. Everything from hiring and firing to product development and marketing may go through an owner, not to mention the short- and long-term plans for the business.

Can I disinherit someone peacefully?

Creating a will is intensely personal. You want it to reflect your values and wishes, and you likely want to protect those you love. However, there could be some very difficult decisions you must make to achieve these goals. For instance, what if you want to disinherit someone?

3 reasons to make estate planning a 'pet' project

People tend to dismiss the idea of creating an estate plan if they don't have complex assets or divisive family relationships. Often, they assume that the state laws will suffice when it comes to determining what should happen to their property, debts and other end-of-life matters.

Talking to your adult children about estate plans

Discussing estate plans or end-of-life wishes can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. But there are unfortunate consequences of not having these conversations with loved ones, so it is wise to talk about estate planning with them - especially your adult children.

3 steps you must take after creating an estate plan

If you have a will and other estate planning documents in place, you have taken a major step toward protecting your wishes, your assets and your loved ones in the event that you get sick or pass away. Having these documents in place can be incredibly valuable when it comes to making some difficult decisions.

Why it is critical to select a guardian for minor children

People often think of estate plans as documents to protect a person's assets. And while it is certainly true that an estate plan typically does address numerous financial details of a person's estate, there are other elements to these plans that are even more important than the distribution of assets.

What is a power of attorney for health care?

One of the most common misconceptions about estate planning is that it only involves wills and trusts. However, an estate plan can include numerous documents that protect more than just our assets. For instance, many people have a power of attorney for health care as part of their estate plan.

I'm named as a personal representative: What does this mean?

After someone passes away, it is necessary to resolve matters related to his or her estate. These matters could be financial, legal, personal or logistical. And the person responsible for addressing these details is typically the personal representative named in the decedent's will.

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