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Seeking a quick divorce? Don't make these mistakes

People typically don't decide to divorce on a whim. For many couples, it is only after they have exhausted all other efforts to repair or improve the marriage that they decide to divorce. Under these circumstances, getting through the process quickly can be a top priority.

3 types of property that can be especially difficult to divide

Divorce involves much more than legally ending a marriage. It also means dividing up the marital assets and distributing them equally between each party. Because this process has considerable financial and emotional ramifications, it can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce.

Going through divorce with debt

Wisconsin is one of a few states that considers property – and debts – accrued during marriage as community property. This means that during a divorce, community property and debt is evenly distributed.

What it takes to modify a Wisconsin custody order or parenting plan

Divorce is among the biggest life changes that many people will experience. However, changes continue to occur after divorce. Some may be significant enough to require modifications to existing orders regarding child custody or an existing parenting plan.

Don’t make these mistakes when it comes to child support

Child support payments are critical contributions to a child’s well-being. However, too many parents look at this money as a parenting punishment or reward. These and other misconceptions about child support can result in some costly mistakes and unfortunate consequences.

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